Who invented the pen and when?

Humans used to use birds’ wings, reeds, etc. to write in old times. But about 80 years ago, the need for modern ballpoint pens changed the way of writing forever. But do you know who invented the pen and when? So tell it, it was invented in 1888 by John Jacob Loud, an American lawyer, and a leatherman.

Who invented the pen and when
Who invented the pen and when

The idea of ​​making John Loud a ball pen came while working on leather vines. They had to mark them while cutting large pieces of leather. For this, it was not possible to mark with the pencil and fountain pens present at that time.

To solve this problem, he made a pen whose tip was shaped like a small ball of metal and could easily move around. A socket was used to hold that small ball in its place.

John Loud received a patent for this new invention in the US on October 30, 1888. It was the first patent in the world for ball pens.

Loud’s ball pen was great for writing on leather but it could not be written on paper smoothly; Because his tip was stiff. Due to this same defect, he could not become more popular at that time.

Later in the year 1938, the Argentine inventor of Hungarian origin Ladislao José Biro succeeded in making modern ball pens using thin ink and ball bearings. Jose Biro’s pen was also very successful commercially and in a few years, more than 100 billion pens were sold worldwide.

Q2. Who invented the Fountain Pen?

Answer: The fountain pen was invented by the Romanian inventor Petrache Poenaru in 1827. Later in 1884, Lewis Waterman of America made several important changes in the design of fountain pens to make a better fountain pen.

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Q3. What do pen inks consist of?

Answer: The ink of almost all cuttings is made by mixing one or more color pigments and dye in a solvent (eg water or oil). An extra chemical compound, such as oleic acid and alkyl alkanol amide, is also added to the ink to make the pen run smoothly on paper.

Q4. What is the tip of a pen made of?

Answer: Nowadays, pen nibs are mainly made of stainless steel or titanium.

Q5. What is the name of the world’s most expensive pen?

Answer: The most precious pen in the world is Tibaldi Fulgor Nocturnus. Currently, it is worth about 60 crores. It is made by the Italian company Tibaldi.

Q6. Is pen ink poisonous?

Answer: No! If the pen’s ink has gone into your mouth in any way, you don’t have to be overly worried. According to the World Health Organization – “Ball pens or fountain pens contain so little ink that even if all their ink goes inside the mouth, it will not be toxic.” Yes, if a little bit of ink has gone inside your stomach, then you should drink a little more water.

Q7. Who invented Pencil?

Answer: Modern pencil was invented by French painter and scientist Nicholas-Jacques Conte in 1795.

Q8. Who invented the eraser?

Answer: Rubber was invented by the English optician Edward Nairne in 1770.

Q9. Who is credited for applying rubber over a pencil?

Answer: To Hyman Lipman, it was Lipman who first thought of applying a small eraser on the pencil. On March 30, 1858, he also obtained a patent for it.

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Q10. Who invented the pencil sharpener?

Answer: French mathematician Bernard Lassimon is credited with making the initial pencil sharpener. Lassimon built the first sharpener in 1828. Although he was not like today’s sharpener. The sharpener we use today is almost the same as that made by African-American carpenter John Lee Love in 1897.

Q11. What is the centre of the pencil made of?

Answer: From graphite, it is a naturally occurring form of crystalline carbon.

Q12. Who invented paper?

Answer: Chinese politician Kai Lun created a paper similar to today in 105 years. Therefore Kai Lun is considered to be the inventor of paper.

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