Which company made the first touch screen mobile ?

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Touch screen mobile: In the last few years, the demand for touchscreen phones has increased so fast, that it seems like the smartphone would have been discovered a few years ago, but it is not that touch screen phones started in the early 1900s.

In such a situation, why not talk about the first touch screen mobile made today? So let’s know about the world’s first touch screen mobile phone today.

Which company made the first touch screen mobile ?

Which company made the first touch screen mobile

The world’s first touch screen phone was made by IBM and US phone maker Belself, this phone was named IBM Simon.

In 1992, IBM SIMON was launched and in 1994 it was made available for sale for the first time.

This touch screen phone was simple compared to today’s smartphones but was able to do all the necessary work at that time.

The look and design of this touch screen mobile IBM SIMON were also very different from today’s smartphones, its length was about 23 centimetres and the weight was about half a kilogram.

IBM Simon was launched for $ 900 and this phone sold about 50,000 devices.

The LCD screen used in this touch screen phone was green in colour. It used the software used to write pictures, update calendars and contacts, and send and receive faxes.

This phone had a slot at the bottom so that the map could reach the spreadsheet and the game.

After knowing the features of IBM SIMON, you must have felt that this phone would have proved to be a great smartphone of the 90s and this touch screen phone has also formed the foundation of smartphones which have become our necessity today.

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