What we know about the Paolo Banchero and Dejounte Murray beef

Orlando Magic rookie Paolo Banchero attended seven years of the "Zeke-End" pro-am basketball tournament during the weekend.

He could be involved in a beef following the event.

This event was hosted by two time NBA All-Star Isaiah Thomas, and it usually features a number of prominent athletes, including Thomas himself.

Atlanta Hawks guard Dejounte Murray was also one of the athletes who competed during the tournament in Tacoma, Washington.

Banchero and Murray Both from Seattle and Seattle, were placed against one another and were able to share scoring roles for their respective teams.

Both seemed enjoying themselves playing the game, however the situation went to the next level , seemingly from nowhere.

Things got a little shaky early on when Banchero attempted to play on the ball into the paint.

Murray was thrown to the ground and then got up and walk towards Banchero. Murray then slammed across Banchero by using his No. 1 pick, seemingly unfazed with the gesture.

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