Kirby’s Dream Buffet will feast on the Nintendo Switch very soon

Kirby's Dream Buffet, the Kirby-flavored Mario Party-like game that will certainly end the collective sadness and has a release date.

The 17th of August just an entire week away you and three of your friends will be able to eat,

roll and play the game to become the most fat, happy Kirby in the world.

In addition to revealing the date of release, Nintendo also went into greater detail regarding what you can anticipate of the title.

There are three different game modes where you and your buddies are competing to eat the largest amount of strawberries.

There's a race-style mode, with an obstacle course that is brimming with obstacles that you must avoid and food items for your Kirby to consume.

The more food you consume more, the more powerful you will become capable of shoving your opponents off the track in order to achieve the goal first.

In mini-game mode, players compete in a tiny battle arena , where you must consume the most strawberries you can before the time expires.

In the final battle royale mode, you must knock Kirbys from the stage in order to steal their strawberry and win the victory.

In each game mode, Kirby will be equipped with his Copy Food ability, which allows him to transforminto a different form, becoming stronger based on the food he consumed

Kirby's Dream Buffet will sell at $15, which is appropriate considering the game doesn't appear to contain much other than "have cake, will travel."

It's hoped that Nintendo will include more game modes and stages in the near future because who doesn't want more Kirby to play with? It's like, LOOK AT HIM!

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