Why did Khloé Kardashian reportedly split from that private equity investor?

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson aren't the only Kardashian couple to quit this week.

Khloe was reportedly in a relationship with the mysterious man since June.

However, according the report of an E! news source, the relationship "slowly fizzled out over the last few weeks."

The announcement comes on the anniversary of Khloe welcoming her second child together with Tristan Thompson -- but to be clear that the couple isn't ever getting back together.

It was created using an artificial surrogate following the conception in November.

This was prior to the paternity scandal of Tristan, which occurred while Tristan was with Khloe were still in love.

Khloe hasn't yet made a statement about any of this However, the E! News insider told the outlet Khloe is "really happy" with life at the moment.

"Khloe is enjoying being single with her sole focus on being a mom and her work," the source told.

"Khloe is open to finding love again if the right person comes into her life, but is really happy right now. She is not looking and in no rush."

We love You, Khlo. We're hoping that everything goes well in the world of romance as she gets ready to go back out in the world!

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