Hollywood actress Anne Heche in coma since fiery car crash

"At the moment Actress Anne Heche is in extreme critical condition,' states Michael McConnell, part of the company that manages talent Anne Heche.

LOS ANGELES, USA - Hollywood actress Anne Heche remained hospitalized in critical condition,

comatose and hooked to breathing equipment the morning of August 8 4 days after suffering serious injuries in a flaming Los Angeles car crash, an official for the singer confirmed.

Heche 53-year-old Heche was admitted to hospital shortly after the small vehicle she was driving went out of control in the Westside neighborhood in Los Angeles late Friday morning and crashed into a home and caught fire as per police.

The home was not damaged, but no one was hurt, however, the impact caused the home to be set on fire, which required a swift emergency response from a plethora of firefighters.

The Los Angeles Police Department spokesperson announced on Monday that the reason and the circumstances surrounding the accident are still under an investigation.

Heche is currently in a coma , and hasn't recovered consciousness since shortly after the accident,

according to Michael McConnell, a member of the Los Angeles talent management company that represents her Zero Gravity Management.

"At this time, she is in extreme critical condition," the doctor stated to Reuters in an email message.

He added the fact that Heche "has significant pulmonary injury requiring mechanical ventilation and burns that require surgical intervention."

The Los Angeles Times quoted an Venice Beach salon owner, Richard Glass, recounting a visit made by Heche to his salon just prior to the accident,

noting that she was "a sweet little girl" when she bought the red wig early on a Friday morning.

Heche gained notoriety because of her Emmy-winning role in the daytime show Another World and continued to appear in other roles on screen,

such as her role in the HBO show Hung and movies such like The Dog's Wag as well as Cedar Rapids.

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