By  Rajnish  kumar

Can you eat poisonous snake eggs?

It is generally not safe to eat poisonous snake eggs. Poisonous snakes,

such as pit vipers and some species of coral snakes,

produce venom that can be harmful or even deadly to humans if ingested.

The eggs of these snakes are likely to contain small amounts of venom,

and consuming them could potentially be dangerous. In addition, the eggs of any animal,

including snakes, can potentially carry bacteria or other contaminants that could cause illness if ingested.

It is important to note that different species of snakes lay different types of eggs,

and some species do not produce venom at all. It is not generally considered safe to eat

 any type of snake egg without proper preparation and cooking,

as it is difficult to know whether the eggs are poisonous or safe to eat.

It is best to avoid eating snake eggs altogether.

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