What Cale Gundy Said in Resignation Statement After Saying 'Shameful' Word

Cale Gundy, a coach and the mainstay in Cale Gundy, a coach and mainstay of the Oklahoma Sooners college football program,

resigned Sunday after he admitted to reading out a sentence before the team's players , which was described by him as "shameful and hurtful."

Gundy's 24-year relationship with the Sooners goes back to the year 1990, during which he played 3 seasons with the quarterback position throwing over 6000 yards and scoring 35 touchdowns.

After graduating in 1993 Gundy continued to work as an assistant professor in 1994, and then moved to coach quarterbacks as well as runners at the Alabama-Birmingham.

Then, he returned to his old school's football team as a member of then-coach Bob Stoops' staff in 1999.

Over the course of more than two decades in the shadows as a member of Oklahoma and the team won fourteen Big 12 championships as well as the national championship.

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