Apple Vision Pro Glasses Look Like A Brain-Computer Interface

Apple is set to launch the highly anticipated Vision Pro in the U.S. on January 27, marking a significant shift in the tech giant's product focus.

Sterling Crispin, a former Apple employee involved in Vision Pro's development, shared insights on Twitter, emphasizing its revolutionary impact.

Vision Pro, positioned beyond the iPhone, is dubbed the next-generation device that will reshape the market for personal smart devices.

Crispin revealed that Vision Pro incorporates neuroscience, particularly in understanding users' psychological states during immersive experiences.

The device goes beyond traditional glasses, resembling a "brain-computer interface" capable of predicting user intentions.

Crispin highlighted patents disclosing techniques, including anticipatory pupil response, resembling a form of "mind reading" through eye behavior.

The technology predicts user actions before clicks, enhancing the interface dynamically based on anticipatory responses.

Vision Pro aims to measure cognitive states through various physiological indicators like eye tracking, brain activity, heartbeat, and more.

Crispin emphasized the system's ability to adapt virtual environments based on users' cognitive statuses, providing an immersive and personalized experience.

Apple's overarching goal with Vision Pro is not just virtual reality immersion but a seamless integration of real and digital worlds, expanding user possibilities.

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