6,000 Tesla Model Y were rejected by Australia

Tesla faced a crisis in Australia as 6,000 Model Y cars were refused entry due to a bedbug infestation on the cargo ship.

The Glovis Caravel, carrying the Teslas, arrived in Brisbane on October 22 but was detained for inspection.

Australian officials found multiple biohazard risks, including a bed bug outbreak, leading to the ship being denied entry.

Despite efforts to decontaminate, the ship was ordered to return to Shanghai, leaving disappointed Tesla owners.

The cargo ship is expected to arrive in Shanghai on January 2 for further fumigation before a potential return to Brisbane.

Frustrated buyers, who had waited for over two months, were notified that their new cars were being sent back to China.

As a goodwill gesture, Tesla offered six months of Enhanced Autopilot features to affected buyers.

Owners were informed that there's no way to expedite the process, and they must wait for the next cargo ship.

The bed bug crisis, initially seen in Europe, has now spread to Asia, including South Korea, with at least 23 infestations in Seoul alone.

The incident highlights challenges faced by global companies in dealing with unforeseen issues, impacting both consumers and the company's reputation.

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