Olivia Wilde has won her custody battle with the ex of Jason Sudeikis

Olivia Wilde has won her custody battle with the ex Jason Sudeikis.

Olivia Wilde has won her custody battle with the ex of Jason Sudeikis

Olivia Wilde : The “Don’t Worry Darling star and director was a victor in the court of California court after a judge declared the two kids – 8-year-old Otis as well as five year-old Daisy resided within California. Golden State.

This is after the 38-year-old actress claimed that the “Ted Lasso” actor 46, who wanted her children to make New York home – served the custody papers on April 1st “in the most aggressive way possible” while talking on a panel on the panel at Comic Con about her new film.

In a court filing, Olivia claimed that Jason whom she was dating from 2011 to 2020 – was planning to “embarrass” and “threaten” her by having her papers presented in such an open setting.

Olivia – who is currently engaged to pop star Harry Styles, 28 – stated in court papers: “Jason’s actions were clearly meant to frighten me and put me on of my guard. I could’ve served him with a sly manner however he decided for me to be served in the most violent manner he could.

“The reality that Jason is going to make me look embarrassed professionally and put our personal conflicts out in this way is completely in opposition to the best interests of our children. Since Jason has stated that we won’t be able to sort this out for the sake of our children without the court system, I submitted an application for custody in Los Angeles.”

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In the meantime an insider had confirmed that the former “SNL” star had hoped to bring the matter before the court,, but did not intend to make it as dramatic.

They claimed: “Papers were drawn up to determine the jurisdiction of kids of Mrs. Wilde and Mr. Sudeikis. He wouldn’t ever condone her serving her in this unacceptable way.”

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