Yankees Matt Carpenter Gets Emotional When Talking About St. Louis Return

Before the first series in St. Louis after leaving the Cardinals, Yankees' slugger Matt Carpenter became emotional,

revealing how excited his family is to be back, particularly his five-year old son.

Carpenter stated, "Depending on the day he tells friends he's either a Cardinal or Yankee. He doesn't know."

"When we announced to them that we were going to St. Louis last week, they were very excited."

Carpenter became agitated and needed to stop and take a deep breath.

Carpenter, who had been with the Cardinals his entire life, made his major league debut in 2011 with St.

Louis. He also played his last game with the Cardinals in 2011. Carpenter reached his peak in '12 and '18 by playing in three All-Star games,

hitting more than 20 home runs over four years. He was also the most prolific major leaguer with 199 hits in 2013.

Carpenter and the Cardinals have had a difficult few seasons. Carpenter was unable to sign a major-league contract as a free agent in 2021

because he only hit three homers with a.581 OPS and 249 plate appearances.

Carpenter spent his offseason trying to improve his swing. He insists that he isn't done as a major leaguer.

Carpenter spent the first half of the season with the Rangers minor leagues. However, he opted out of his contract in May and signed with the Yankees.

He has enjoyed a remarkable resurgence in his career, with 15 home runs and a 1.22 OPS in only 139 plate appearances.

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