Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber snuggle up on vacation in Norway

Justin Bieber posted a series on Instagram of photos that capture special moments from Sunday's time in Norway.

These photos show Hailey Bieber (25), enjoying time on the water and in nature with her singer husband.

Following recent health problems, the Peaches singer has resumed his Justice World tour. He is currently in Norway for a concert as part of his European tour.

Justin posted a variety of photos to his main Instagram account, including one of him snuggling with his wife in a boat.

One photo showed the performer placing a light kiss on her head while they relaxed on their seats.

Other photos were uploaded by the entertainer showing him taking control of the steering wheel and driving the boat on the blue waters.

Justin created two photo series and added a caption. He wrote, "Lil vibes from Norway"

Justin later stepped out to enjoy the beautiful weather and the rising sun.

To keep warm in the cold temperatures, the star wore a brown hoodie. He paired the hoodie and pants in a similar shade.

To stay comfortable outside, he slipped on a pair white sneakers and added a black baseball hat.

Hailey wore a simple, casual look with a gray crop top and gray bottoms. Later she added a leather jacket to her look.

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