How to Find a Financial Advisor if You're Not Rich

By  Rajnish  kumar

Here are options for middle-class investors seeking financial advice.

Financial advisors typically charge a fee based on how much money you have with their firm, called assets under management, or AUM.

The more assets you have with them, the lower their fees. So while 1% is the average for $1 million accounts,

Smaller balances can pay off closer to 1.2% on average. Larger accounts may pay 0.4%.

Where to Look to Find a Financial Advisor Near You

There are several places to look for a financial advisor near you:

Use an online advisor search, Ask friends, family or colleagues for recommendations, 

The Garrett Planning Network, The National Association of Personal Financial Advisors and etc 

Firm size, Credentials, Credentials, Office type, 

To avoid fraud, be sure to get references and look at everything you can find at a financial advisor first.

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