Gmail is now officially allowed to spam-proof politicians’ emails

On Thursday this week, The Federal Election Commission approved a new plan that was submitted by Google to stop campaigns emails from being marked as spam.

The Google plan initially reported on via the Axios website earlier in the month of June it would permit candidates

and political party committees and political action committees of the leadership to join the program

which will ensure that their messages are not subject to Google's spam detection systems.

Although Google didn't require the FEC to endorse the program prior to the rollout however,

it requested an earlier vote to ensure that the plan was not in danger of violating the existing regulations for election.

 In its ruling on Thursday it was the FEC confirmed that Google's program was legal.

"I have a hard time getting around the fact that this is a unique benefit offered to political committees, and only political committees,

" Commissioner Ellen L. Weintraub stated during the FEC's open meeting on Thursday. Due to the program's exclusivity,

Weintraub compared it to Google providing the same "in-kind" contribution to political organizations.

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