Get a Personal Loan When You're Self

By  Rajnish  kumar

If you are self-employed and are short of cash, you may be eligible for borrowing options including personal loans.

Personal loans offer a fixed amount that you repay within a certain time frame, 

and they can be helpful for borrowers who want to consolidate debt or cover a large or emergency expense.

Before looking for a loan, you should know what to expect as a self-employed applicant. 

It is also important to consider all your options to make sure that a personal loan is the right option - it may not be.

"If you're self-employed and it's for business, you shouldn't be looking for a personal loan,"

says Lori Atwood, a certified financial planner and founder of Atwood Financial Planning and Fearless Finance. 

 "If this is for you, make sure you have all the correct evidence of your cash flow."

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