Devin Haney becomes champion with win over George Kambosos Jr.

Devin Haney was set to head to Australia to fight George Kambos Jr. for the undisputed Lightweight Championship on Saturday night.

As Honey he dominated combos in 12 rounds to win all four world championships at 135 pounds.

Haney became the ninth fighter to aggregate all four recognized titles in any weight category and the second youngest at just 23 years old.

In the end, Haney scored a unanimous decision victory with the official scorecards reading 116–112, 116–112 and 118–110.

"I disabled him at his best," Haney said after the fight. "He wanted to land the overhand right and the big left hook.

I disabled him. I was fighting both ways. When I went to the left I would fight with his right hand.

When I went to the right, I would fight with his hook. He couldn't take off any one of them."