CNN host Brian Stelter used his final show to rebuke new bosses who axed him

Many people wish to give their bosses a few words of wisdom, but not many people have the opportunity to do this live on television.

the host of CNN’s long-running media analysis program ReliableSources, left Sunday's episode with a monologue in which

he seemed to be taking aim at his new bosses and their desire to make CNN's coverage more political neutral.

Stelter's departure from the network was last week. His departure coincided with the cancellation of Reliable sources, which aired on CNN since 1990.

Just four months after Chris Licht, who is working to make CNN less partisan, was appointed as the new CEO,

ReliableSources was cancelled and Stelter's dismissal from the network.

CNN's leadership under Licht is monitoring its program-anchors to ensure they "adjust their tone and strategy to a less partisan tone."

It seems that Stelter's last script was not being monitored by anyone.

Stelter stated that no one from CNN Management had reviewed my script before I started to deliver my closing speech.

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