Apple changes iPhone 16 Pro action button design

Recent iPhone 16 Pro prototypes suggest Apple has refined the design of the Action button, resembling the one on the iPhone 15 Pro.

Throughout development, Apple experimented with four button configurations and two sizes for the Action button.

Initial prototypes featured a unified volume button and small Action button, stemming from the canceled Project Bongo.

The second variant had a larger Action button close in size to volume buttons and introduced a new "Capture button."

Later prototypes shifted to separate volume buttons and planned capacitive Action and Capture buttons with force sensor technology.

The latest "Proto2" design showcases a smaller Action button akin to the iPhone 15 Pro, abandoning the larger, flush appearance.

This change hints at the potential cancellation or postponement of the capacitive Action button in future iPhone iterations.

The evolution of prototypes underscores Apple's commitment to refining the iPhone 16 Pro's design for optimal user experience.

While the article accurately describes internal designs, it emphasizes the possibility of additional changes before finalization.

This dynamic development process highlights Apple's dedication to delivering innovative and user-friendly features in its upcoming flagship model.

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