Anne Heche Has Fallen Into a Coma After Fiery Los Angeles Car Crash

Anne Heche is in "extreme critical condition" and is in a coma since crash on the streets of Los Angeles on Friday.

"At this time Anne is in extreme critical condition," Heche's spokesperson said in a statement released on Monday.

"She has suffered a major lung injury that requires mechanical ventilation as well as burns that require surgery.

In a coma, she is, and is not fully conscious immediately following the accident."

Heche is in hospital since Friday in which the actress crashed her car into a house located in Los Angeles' Mar Vista neighborhood of Los Angeles and set both her vehicle and the house on fire.

The publicist for Heche on Saturday issued a statement saying that the Emmy-nominated actress is "in stable condition."

Based on Deadline the 59 firefighters who were called to the scene to battle the flames that were triggered by the crash,

which made Heche's car completely within her Mar Vista home she crashed into. It took firefighters nearly an hour to contain the flames, and then rescue Heche out of the rubble.

After escape, Heche was reportedly able to speak, but she began to lose consciousness shortly thereafter.

Prior to the incident, Heche was captured via doorbell camera , allegedly speeding and driving recklessly and, as per Deadline, possibly getting into an accident of a minor nature within a couple of blocks of the accident.

Los Angeles Police Department officer Annie Hernandez said that the police offered have obtained an order to collect samples of blood and urine from Heche.

A GoFundMe account has been created to support Lynne Mishele one of the women whose home was damaged by the crash. It had already raised more than 100,000 as of Tuesday morning.

According to the website, Mishele "very narrowly escaped physical harm," however the house she lived in suffered "completely burned" and she lost "her entire lifetime of possessions."

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