X-Men: Taron Egerton stuns as Wolverine in jaw-dropping image

Taron Egerton : Hugh Jackman’s iconic portrayal as Wolverine by Hugh Jackman in the X-Men movies has been ranked among the top live-action superhero portrayals.

X-Men: Taron Egerton stuns as Wolverine in jaw-dropping image

Since 2000, when Fox’s X-Men movies began, his role as Marvel Comics’ character has been a constant presence on the silverscreen. But Jackman stepped aside in 2017 in the much-anticipated and eagerly awaited standalone Logan.

The X-Men are finally home at Marvel Studios after Fox acquired them a few years ago. This means that a reboot is necessary so that Marvel’s Mightiest Mutants can be present in the juggernaut that’s the Marvel Cinematic Universe (maybe sooner than later). A new actor is also part of the reboot.

Taron Egerton is one actor that many fans would love to see take up Jackman’s claws and play the role of Wolverine. In recent years, the Kingsman star was a frequent guest on fan-castings with many believing that he would make an excellent Logan.

Subi Ozil , a digital artist who is able to visualize Egerton as Wolverine in MCU, recently shared some of their art on Instagram featuring Logan.

This fanart shows Egerton in Wolverine’s iconic comic book suit. It has a modern twist that gives us an idea of how the suit might look if it were adapted for the MCU. Although this is a glimpse of what Egerton could look like, it’s enough to make us feel chills just looking at the concept art. It makes a compelling argument why he should be joining the MCU as Wolverine.

Taron Egerton is playing Wolverine in MCU?

X-Men: Taron Egerton stuns as Wolverine in jaw-dropping image

Although Taron Egerton is not currently being cast as Wolverine, his name has been mentioned many times in fan conversations. Marvel Studios has yet to cast the role but it’s clear why the Kingsman star is still a fan favorite.

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Egerton was even interested in fan-casting. He responded to the rumors. It does sound like he would be interested in playing a part in the MCU if Marvel called.

“I have always maintained that I didn’t know the right man to play this role. Yesterday, I briefly met Hugh [Jackman], who clearly played the original role. We’re such different vibes. I’m not sure if I would be the right person for him to follow. I have always stated that I would be open for it. There is no truth at the moment. The fan-casting thing which drives me crazy every time I mention it. Egerton said that Egerton was not sure.

This artwork is certainly impressive. It goes without saying, that Egerton would be a great choice to play Logan/Wolverine within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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