Man Utd curses ‘terrible’ timing amid transfer rumours, Ronaldo goes on ‘indefinite leave’

Man Utd have no idea when Cristiano Ronaldo will return to training amid speculation over his future at the club, according to reports.

Man Utd curses 'terrible' timing amid transfer rumours, Ronaldo goes on 'indefinite leave'
Man Utd curses ‘terrible’ timing amid transfer rumours, Ronaldo goes on ‘indefinite leave’

Widespread reports on Saturday claimed the Portugal international’s heart is set to move away from Old Trafford this summer.

The Times insists Ronaldo has told the Red Devils to let him go if he receives a ‘satisfactory offer’ in the current transfer window.

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Chelsea, Napoli and Barcelona are among the clubs being linked with Ronaldo, but Man Utd are seen as strong in their stance that he is not going anywhere.

Man Utd acknowledged the reasons for Ronaldo’s delay in training yesterday and the 37-year-old reportedly cited ‘family reasons’.

However, The Daily Telegraph claims that Man Utd is ‘in the dark’ of his return date after pictures of him surfaced at the Portuguese national team’s training center in Lisbon.

The report further stated:

‘And while Premier League clubs insist they are sensitive to real personal issues that require Ronaldo to stay in Lisbon, there is no set date for his delayed return.

Sources claimed it was “unclear” when he would return currently, with doubts over whether he would join his team for their pre-season tour of Asia and Australia, which departs on Friday.

‘This effectively amounts to a case of “indefinite leave” for the United star in the wake of news that he is looking to leave the club after less than 12 months.

A separate report in The Athletic claimed that Ronaldo “was not expected to attend training even on Tuesday” and “does not know when he will return”.

Athletic continues:

The serious reasons for ‘Ronaldo’s no-show are being debated in the industry, and in particular the timing, which some close to the club have described as “terrible”. He knew that United would not be in the Champions League in April, but waited until July to convey his intentions.

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