Jennette McCurdy shares what makes her so ‘pissed off’ about Ariana Grande

Jennette McCurdy shares what makes her so 'pissed off' about Ariana Grande

The claws of “Sam & Cat”, are now out.

Jennette McCurdy claims her hatred for Ariana Grande started soon after they began filming their Nickelodeon program. She realized that the pop star had allegedly been granted permission to pursue other opportunities.

McCurdy wrote that she booked two features on ‘iCarly,’ “I’m glad my Mom Died,” claiming that producers would put Grande’s character into a box to prevent her from filming.

“Are you. McCurdy recalled thinking, “Kidding me.” “So, I have to turn down movies, while Ariana is whistle-toning at Billboard Music Awards?” F-k. This.”

Jennette McCurdy shares what makes her so 'pissed off' about Ariana Grande

Grande, 29, had previously been allowed to leave filming for “Best Player”, but Grande, 30, was not happy. Grande snapped at her.

“I’m pissed about this. She is pissed off. I am jealous of her. She writes: “For a few reasons.” “So now, whenever she misses work, it feels like an attack. … I hated her from that point on. She was a horrible person.

“iCarly” was canceled in 2012. “Sam & Cat,” however, lasted just one season between 2013 and 2014.

Jennette McCurdy shares what makes her so 'pissed off' about Ariana Grande

Page Six asked for comment from Nickelodeon, but was not returned by a representative.

Grande has not yet publicly replied to McCurdy’s excerpts.

The rest of “Zoey 101”, alumnus’ book is full heartbreaking anecdotes regarding her battle with Bulimia and her complicated relationship to her mother and Nickelodeon.

McCurdy wrote that she left the children’s entertainment network after leaving it. She turned down a $300,000.00 offer that would have required her to never speak publicly about her experiences.

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