Fat Loss vs Weight Loss | Best Way to Reduce Your weight

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Weight Loss : So the question is do you want to lose weight? Or do you want to lose fat? or for you also, those terms are interchangeable? There’s no difference between fat Loss vs Weight Loss? If “yes”, then It’s not true. So guys let us drill into this topic “Fat Loss vs Weight Loss | Best Way to Reduce your weight”.

Fat loss and weight loss are two very different things.

Many people are going to the gym to achieve this goal. Many people talk about weight loss. Also, you know all that stuff regarding weight loss, like what they ate, how they work out, and all those irrespective of all ages.

There is a ‘Certain way’ of reducing your weight. So what method are you choosing? Are you reducing your weight ‘The right way?’. There are two separate things called fat Loss vs Weight Loss? Do you think both are the same? Then, You should think again. Because it is wrong both are different. And let me explain the difference.

Bodyweight compromises are four parts water, bones, muscles, and fats.

So when you check your body weight it could be either water loss, bone mineral density, muscle loss, or fat loss. this proves that only checking your weight cannot assure fat loss.


Let us imagine there are two twin girls, with the same weight, same height, and same age. But one looks leaner and the other one looks obese. This is because the one has both muscles and the obese one has more fat.

Muscle is compact, dense, and heavy. Therefore, the person will look leaner and could be heavy on weight.

Whereas fat is voluminous, lighter, and has a shape. Therefore, the person will look more fat and will be more.

When you increase muscle mass and lose fat you will lose more inches than your weight. Therefore, inch loss is more important than we lost.

What is weight loss?

Bodyweight includes all these are combined for full body weight. for a weight loss to occur basically you can lose 3 things you can lose weight by losing fat, muscles, or water. You should understand this.

So many people do starvation for weight loss… You might have heard and many know that it is not the correct way to do weight loss. During that time, your water content and muscles will reduce. And the fat loss will be minimal.

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During dehydration conditions like vomiting or diarrhea. Your body will lose water content. Because of that, you will lose weight. You may lose a couple of kgs in 2 days. And that’s not something to be proud of.

It is the same thing as weight loss after starving. There’s nothing to be proud of. Because it is not a weight loss. And your muscle would have been lost and fat loss would not have happened.

Even for skinny people, there can be a noticeable amount of fat called skinny fat. So even if you are thin, if you don’t do proper weight loss, you will still have a noticeable amount of fat.

If you take a look at a person doing a random weight loss they would have taken a crash diet. And improper workout programs without proper knowledge. Even after achieving their weight loss, they can’t maintain their weight. After something, there is a chance that you may gain your weight back. They will not have strength; have low immunity due to a random diet. And will feel weak. These are all the problems doing weight loss randomly.

But fat loss is quite different

It targets only our body fat if you do a proper fat loss program.

Above your muscles and below the skin there is a layer of fat. Depending on body fat percentage, called ‘Subcutaneous fat‘. And fat around the organs is called ‘Visceral fat‘.

You have to reduce all these kinds of fat. To achieve a proper weight loss, in a healthy way. You will get a fitter look and your total look will change.

Whomever you see with a good physique like bodybuilders or fitness models or any celebrities. They will achieve only this kind of proper fat loss, will not follow a random blind weight loss. They may hire a professional trainer combined with a proper workout program and nutrition guidance.

This is the proper way of doing weight loss. You will have a fitter look and your muscles will improve. Because of the weight or strength training, you will do your strength and immunity will improve. And at the same time, it’s not necessary that you have to reduce your fat levels to such an extreme level. Like those professionals, that is their profession and that’s why they are doing like that.

If you feel that you have to reduce your a small or medium amount of weight. You have to do a fat loss method. You can reduce to a certain extent to achieve your target weight. And don’t have to go to extreme levels of low fat. But you have to lose fat only and not a random weight, losing muscle and water weight.

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In the case of obese people who are extremely overweight. If they have to reduce weight. Take guidance from a proper nutritionist for weight loss. And at the end of weight loss, where you have to lose around 10-15 kgs you can do a proper fat loss.

So losing weight by fat is only a healthy way.

For normal weight loss, you can do some aerobic activities for 30 minutes to 1 hour like walking, jogging running. With dietary modifications from a nutritionist.

For fat loss definitely in addition to aerobic activities, you have to add weight training. All those resistance training your muscles should be trained because according to research your weight training will help with the fat-burning process.

How to Achieve Your Fitness Goals

So for achieving your fitness goal. You spend endless hours in your workouts. Your aim may be for fat loss or muscle gain. Whatever for this to happen.

What important things, I say first point for achieving your fitness goals. Everybody does that regularly. The workout is important most people know about it. Weight training improves muscle growth, improves muscle endurance, improves muscle strength.

In the case of cardio workouts, It improves heart health. Lowers stress like that so many reasons are there doing workouts. In the case of people who don’t want to go to the gym or elderly people. 30 minutes of fast walking or jogging will help. Swimming, aerobic activities, that kind of activity also is a kind of cardio.

As you might know all these things, I don’t want to talk much about it.

But the truth is for achieving your workout goals these workouts only help for about 20% of your fitness goals. Be it fat loss or muscle gain these help for only 20% of your goals.

So what about a balance of 80%?


80% of your fitness goal can be done only with nutrition. But a shocking truth is many so-called ‘professional people'(not properly educated or experienced regarding fitness) are not properly stressing enough about nutrition. It should always be stressed more but that’s not happening.

To read more on this 20-80 rule, you can also have a look at my page Science of the healthy eating, scientific landscape of healthy eating. All about healthy eating from a scientific approach. Also, I am sharing my 8 Hacks on healthy eating.

Weight loss is only about 20% motion or exercises 80% of weight loss is nutrition.

The biggest problem. I see, “Nutrition is the reason”.

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For many people complaining about not reaching their fitness goals. Even after doing so many workouts. Except for some Medical Conditions. So it is important to provide proper nutrients for your fitness goals.

Balancing carbs, protein, and fats. Especially good nutrients those ‘JUNK FOODS‘ nutrition-less foods if added you will not achieve your fitness goals. Why are they called ‘JUNK’ it means garbage. that’s the reason it’s called junk. So if we put junk foods inside our body our body will reflect the same. So junk foods should be avoided.

Without talking about nutrition, it does not make sense of talking about changing the workout routine. Nutrition should be given primary importance. If not then I don’t think they are proper professional people. that’s how it works then what about Supplements?

It’s just a small part. It doesn’t make sense to introduce supplements into your diet. When your nutrition is not proper, nothing is going to happen if you do that. If anyone gives you advice regarding supplements without talking about your nutrition. If they talk about supplements assuring that, you will reach your goals. That WRONG, those people for sure CAN’T be professional people.

If you correct your workouts and nutrition, you will definitely achieve your fitness goals. Supplements don’t change anything…That’s the truth!!

But supplements also have a small role in a small place which supplement works in which way? for whom to advise? For whom should it be advised? When to advise? I will talk about those things in some upcoming pages but on this page, we are talking about basic needs to achieve a fitness goal. For that supplements is NOT important.

However, where will muscle growth take place?

Inside the gym??

Muscle growth occurs outside the gym only. When?

“It happens only when you rest“. In your sleep. not only muscle growth, a process like height growth, skin growth, nails, hair growth all these grow while you rest. The rest is important.

Fat loss can be achieved more effectively while you rest. according to research if others are done properly and you don’t give enough rest. About 7-8 hours of sleep, you may not reach your fitness target.

See you next time. Please, do share the Fat Loss vs Weight Loss | Best Way to Reduce your weight. And most importantly don’t forget to subscribe to my blog. Bye… Take Care… 

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