Deshaun Watson’s new suspension means he’ll be back to face the Bengals

The Cincinnati Bengals will be able to strike a blow at Deshaun Watson as well as The Cleveland Browns when the two teams meet in Week 14.

Deshaun Watson’s new suspension means he’ll be back to face the Bengals
Deshaun Watson’s new suspension means he’ll be back to face the Bengals

After the news of Watson’s new suspension of 11 games, Watson will be back to face the Bengals towards the close of the 2022 season what is expected to be an extremely intense matchup.

It’s very interesting to note Watson’s first game since returning after suspension is against the team he played for that is the Houston Texans, but Cincinnati will definitely play the quarterback who has been criticized during the season to come.

Because the game will be held at Paycor Stadium, we’d expect Bengals fans to make a lot of noise during the game.

Cincinnati Bengals prepare to face Deshaun Watson’s Browns in Week 14 of 2022.

When Watson is on football field 2022 it’ll be two years since the last time he played football, but the 2020 season isn’t anything to be sneered at.

Watson scored 4,823 yards of passing and scored 33 touchdowns over 16 games with the Texans which was his best season for the NFL by far. He signed with the Browns in the offseason, and has since become an object of debate, especially given how Watson has been hesitant to apologize for his previous decisions.

However, Watson’s return provides the Bengals another reason to take on the Browns in their quest towards taking the AFC North in 2022.

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In the wake of Joe Burrow coming off a successful second season and the talented and young group of the Bengals 2021 squad quite intact, Cincinnati has all the components to be able to be a contender for a Super Bowl appearance this season.

No one including the snarky and disgusting actions of Deshaun Watson will hinder the progress.

Watson has turned into Public Enemy No. 1. in the league, and the Bengals are eager to knock him out in 2022.

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