Chicago Bears take down Seahawks in Seattle 2022 | Game Recap

The Chicago Bears controlled their second preseason game on Thursday night. They scored the first 24 points and won the contest 27-11 over the Seahawks.

Chicago Bears take down Seahawks in Seattle 2022 | Game Recap

Chicago Bears

After the game, coach Matt Eberflus said that he thought it was a great outing for his team. “I think we wanted to start quickly, so our offense scored 10 points on the first three drives, while our defense had two three and outs. This was our message. We didn’t perform as well in the first game. We won the second game. There were many learning moments for our players on tape, and we’re going to learn a lot from it.

The first-team offense and Quarterback Justin Fields were only on the field for one drive. However, it was a very successful opening possession. The 10-play, 52 yard sequence ended with a 35-yard field goal from kicker Cairo Santos.

Fields completed 5 out of 7 passes for 39 yards and earned an 84.8 rating. Tight end Cole Kmet, who did not play in the Bears’ preseason opening against the Chiefs had two chances to connect with Fields on the drive: a 12-yard gain on play one from scrimmage, and a 19 yard completion six plays later.

Fields kept the drive alive, drawing the Seahawks offsides during a fourth-down attempt.

It’s a small sample. Eberflus stated that there are nine plays and a penalty. So, it’s only 10 plays. “I thought that the operation was successful, Fields’ preparation was excellent. He was able to handle the offense in the manner we expected, had a good drive, and scored the field goal. It’s progress. I believe it’s progress. Guys see more improvement in practice. His footwork, his delivery, and how he delivers the ball when he feels pressure are all improving. He’s improving each day.”

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Velus Jr. was the Bears’ rookie receiver and served as their punt returner and kick returner. Jones returned a punt to the Seattle 33 from 48 yards away, setting up a second-team scoring drive.

After three consecutive carries by Darrynton Evan backup quarterback Trevor Siemian connected to receivers Isaiah Coulter as well as NsimbaWebster to reach 2-yard line. The Bears had a 10-0 lead after Siemian completed the 33-yard, six-play drive.

Siemian completed 8 of 15 passes for 48 yards and scored an 82.1 rating.

In the second half, the Bears defense held off the Seahawks while the special forces unit made a huge play. After 33 seconds, rookie Trenton Gill’s 43 yard punt was stopped by Seattle returner Cade Johnson. The ball was then recovered by rookie safety Elijah Hicks and the Bears took a 17-0 lead.

The Bears continued their dominance after the break. They scored another touchdown on the Bears’ first possession of the second period. To kick off the drive that began at the Seattle 47, third-string quarterback Nathan Peterman joined the game.

Peterman found receiver Dazz Webster and gained 14 yards. Then, he connected with Coulter for a 23-yard pass. The Bears got to the one yard line with a short throw to Chase Allen , and then Evans hit it from there to make the score 24-0.

Eberflus stated that in the third quarter, they came out and made a good defensive stop. They also created a short field and played complementary football there. Then, Eberflus drove the ball down and scored another touchdown to begin the second half. That was a goal we had set for ourselves, and it was achieved.

Peterman was rated 75.0 and completed 8 of 14 passes for 85 yards.

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With Jason Myers’ 27-yard field kick, Seattle scored towards the end of the third quarter. This was the culmination of a 10-play 55-yard drive. Just under one minute into the final period, the Bears responded quickly as Santos hit a 47-yarder to increase their lead to 27-3. Webster kicked a 58-yard kick back to start the drive at Seattle 46.

Eberflus stated that there were “some really great plays on special teams.” We had some good, explosive returns. Velus had a great punt return and Nsimba had an excellent kick return. It’s not just these guys; it’s also the guys who block for them. It’s all the team out there, and Richard Hightower, special teams coach, did a great job coaching them to do it right. We’re also excited about this.”

With 2:02 to go, the Seahawks reduced the lead to 16 points by running a 9-play 44-yard touchdown drive, followed by a successful 2-point attempt.

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