Best 8 ways to add Exercise into your Daily Routine

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Best 8 ways to add Exercise into your Daily Routine

Hi everyone. Today I’m going to be talking to you about 8 ways to add Exercise into your Daily Routine, your everyday life. So a lot of people have a really hard time fitting exercise into their life. Either because of routine, you have a lot of stuff on your plate at work. It is really hard to find time to exercise. Unless you are super motivated and really make a hard effort to put the time in.

Also if you are like me and you’re a busy parent, it can be really hard to find the energy and motivation. And be to just get up early in general.

So these are things that you can do to try and sneak exercise into your everyday life.  8 ways to add Exercise into your Daily Routine. They definitely will not replace a good exercise routine. But for days where that it just can’t happen. Give these a try at least.

Care about yourself and try to get some exercise.

8 ways to add Exercise into your Daily Routine
8 ways to add Exercise into your Daily Routine

8 ways to add Exercise to your Daily Routine

I will discuss how you can seat less and incorporate movement into your daily life. When you seat less, you actually live longer, which does make complete sense. Because, when you seat less you are moving more. So you incorporate some exercises. You get into better health. And that contributes to you living longer. Right?

Now when you ask people that, the common most common response we get is “I don’t have time to go to the gym”.


I want to make it as simple as possible so that I want to get rid of that excuse. Okay. so here are 8 ways to add Exercise into your Daily Routine.

If you do not have an exercise, routine yet starts small. Anything sustainable is build up gradually through repetition and improvement. Important is to make it have it so it becomes as natural. As eating, brushing your teeth and taking a shower.

You would not spend a day without doing these things, would you? In addition, once you have the habit of exercising no matter how insignificant it may seem. You can gradually increase the amount of time and intensity of it.

So let us start with 8 ways to add Exercise into your Daily Routine

1. Walk instead of driving

8 ways to add Exercise into your Daily Routine
8 ways to add Exercise into your Daily Routine

For example for a few grocery shopping, Avoid car or Bike. Walk instead of driving or instead of commuting you know to walk. Walk a few blocks. You know get your blood flowing, so incorporates movement, which is easy enough. So do not get too used to taking a bus, a train, or driving. I told to incorporate more walking.

Now if let us say you cannot walk, you do not want to walk for whatever reason. And you want to really drive. If you don’t have an option and can’t avoid traveling by car, then park further away, park at the back of the parking lot.

This will cause you to have to walk further to the front of the store and walk further to get to your car when you’re done. It’s really not much but it is a little extra walking. And if you do this all the time it will add up.

Take extra trips so what do you think this means? I mean when you’re unloading something. So when you come back from the grocery store. You will load up your arms and you will be like dying trying to get it all in.

Do not do that, just don’t. You are just gonna hurt your arms. It is not really that good of a workout, but if you are going back and forth. And still lifting things like you’re still giving your arm muscles a workout for everything you lift.

But the extra walking back and forth to get the bags of groceries will add up a bit. I’m not saying just one bag each time. Because you do have things to do with your time. But you know don’t try and get it all in one trip.

If you do this on a regular basis, it will add up to extra walking as well.

2. Public transport

8 ways to add Exercise into your Daily Routine
8 ways to add Exercise into your Daily Routine

My next tip for those who take public transit is, to get off the bus one or two stops early. So similar idea you’re forcing yourself to walk just a little bit more. If the bus stops are super far from each other. In that case, maybe go one step ahead and then walk back.

Wherever you know the amount of distance between your stop and the stop before or after is ideal for you. The same idea you are causing yourself to walk more.

And you’re also getting yourself off a stinky bus sooner. Especially right now with the pandemic getting away from a cramped area of people is probably ideal.

Also, Instead of waiting for the bus for 5 minutes. You might as well walk to the next bus stop.

3. Take The Stairs

8 ways to add Exercise into your Daily Routine
8 ways to add Exercise into your Daily Routine

In any mall, shopping site, or office complex. When you go into the lobby. The first thing is you have the elevator there. And sometimes I see there’s a line to the elevator. Even though the steps are just right next to it. And people are willing to wait all right.

So I want you to start taking the stairs. If you do not want to go up steps for whatever reason. Then at least start going down.

All right. Because going down it is a lot easier. So start doing that. At least it gets you moving a bunch of your calories rather than not doing it at all. Then if you get better or when you feel better you actually start incurring going up. Because you know it works you more.

4. Bending Down Squat

Best 8 ways to add Exercise into your Daily Routine
Best 8 ways to add Exercise into your Daily Routine

The next time you think of bending down to pick up something from the floor try to squat instead. Make sure to do proper squats. So you don’t hurt your back and at the same time train your legs.

If you are arranging plates in the kitchen shelf, instead of grabbing a bunch of plates at once maybe bend for each individual plate. It’ll take longer, but not too much longer and you’re going to get that extra workout with the extra bending.

So just, find ways to add it to your housework, that you already have to do. You already have to spend the time on it. Because your house will be, clean. But you might as well get your body a little something out of it and give yourself a little bit of a workout too.

5. Cleaning or doing house chores

Now cleaning is already a physical-ish activity. But you can make it more. So when I’m cleaning I like to dance around.

You can move your body more than necessary. It helps if you put music on, like really upbeat stuff to really get you moving. It makes cleaning more enjoyable.

Because personally, I hate cleaning. I hate it. The day I can afford a cleaning person is going to be the best day. Because oh my god I hate cleaning. But if I find myself singing and dancing while I’m doing it, I enjoy it a bit more. And I feel like I’ve worked out at the end of it.

So whether you are sweeping and you are just dancing around. Or you’re wiping a counter just move your body. Move do something to get yourself moving and have a good time with cleaning.

If you don’t do cleaning or don’t help with cleaning, I want you to do it a bit. Studies have shown that cleaning or doing house chores, aside from getting you working out physically, it actually is good for your mental and emotional health.

Because it gives you that control over your environment. And doing how shorts and kids actually lead to more successful adults. All right, so I want you to start doing house chores, start doing the cleaning. So that way you get a little bit of a workout also at home.

6. Waiting Time

I call microwave-waiting time. So when you put something in the microwave. What do you do during that time? If it is a few minutes, you might walk away and keep watching tv. If it is 30 seconds, you might just stand there and watch the clock tick down.

This is a good time that you could do a small impromptu workout. Because you are just waiting for the food anyway, you got nothing else better to do. Go for a little walk around through the kitchen, dining room, living room, and then back in just doing laps.

Other things you could do during your waiting time see how many jumping jacks you can do before the time ticks on. You can do push-ups, sit-ups. All that kind of stuff.

So that’s something that you can do in a teeny tiny amount of time. That you would just be spent waiting for your food anyway.

The next one is a very similar idea when you are brushing your teeth. You can turn that into a mini-workout. So you can do something as simple as a walk around.

7. Workout While Working

While you are working, I want you to work out.What do I mean by that?

I want you to have, like workout breaks. When you are working all right. When working does super short breaks in between. Whether you are at the office or at home stand up and move around to get some water.

You know whatever; you just take breaks in between. It increases your walking. It increases your movement. Right so then you get a little bit of a workout there.

If you work in a setting like as I do. Long periods of sitting print fewer calories and can lead to weight gain and many other health issues. Get up get yourself a cup of tea. Do some simple stretches or just walk around your office.

The next tip is not to use the closest washroom this can work for people who work at an office with different floors, use a washroom on a different floor.

Make the effort to move more by walking to get lunch. All these daily incidental movements can help you to burn more calories. And even lose weight with very minimal effort.

8. Parents’ Time

This one is for parents and I actually talked about exercising with your child. So if you have a child who is very on you all the time, my daughter does not like being left alone. She wants me to be with her all the time unless she is sleeping. So if your child really just wants to be with you all the time do a workout with them.

There are endless ways to play with balloon balls indoors. Try to keep it off the ground and just play catch. Turn on the music and dance with your baby.

Write some clues or hide something around the apartment or in a house. Kids can race to find those clues for a small prize at the end.

Jumping jacks are simple but good for coordination and they get your heart going. When my baby can’t sleep, I have them do 25 to tire out. Set a timer or put on a song to see who can grab the toys fastest.

Pillow fight: No explanation needed.

Obviously, if you are not a parent this will not work, I do not recommend doing it with cats or your dog.

But everyone knows that playing games with your dog are fun, but what we don’t often consider is that the benefits of play go well beyond just having fun. In addition, since playing with your dog requires you to get involved, it means both of you will be getting into an activity that is more physical.

At first, glance doing these things may seem like nothing.

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